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Algernon Pharmaceuticals Begins Screening Patients for Phase 2 Chronic Cough and IPF Study
Equity Guru – Algernon gets ethical green light for human trials for COVID-19 fighter Ifenprodil
Algernon Pharmaceuticals receives ethics approval as the company begins clinical trials for Ifenprodil
Human trials approved for B.C. drug company to treat COVID-19
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Receives U.S. FDA Clearance for Phase 2b/3 Ifenprodil Human Study
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Discusses Multinational Phase 2b/3 Ifenprodil COVID-19 Human Trial on BioPub Webcast Hosted by Dr. KSS MD PhD
Small-Cap Pharma Fast-Tracking Repurposed Drug for Covid-19
Algernon Pharmaceuticals applies for Phase 2b/3 study on Ifenprodil in Australia – Interview
Algeron Pharmaceuticals in the spotlight with lead drug Ifenprodil as promising coronavirus therapy
As Pandemic Progresses, Promising Projects Thrive or Fail in Rally for Effective Coronavirus Treatment

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