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The Science behind Ifenprodil and COVID -19
Algernon Pharmaceuticals provides update on Phase 2B/3 study as they enroll 50th patient
Algernon Pharmaceuticals has big upside, says Mackie Research
‘An effective treatment to reduce the severity and duration of a COVID infection’ – The Mercury
Pharmaceutical Firm Doses First Patient in Phase 2 IPF and Chronic Cough Trial
Miami Herald – A pill that may lessen COVID-related lung damage. Miami will be the first in U.S. to test it.
Algernon Pharmaceuticals studies on Ifenprodil begins with patients on two fronts
Algernon’s Ifenprodil COVID-19 Trials in Florida Reported in The Guardian’s U.S. Edition
Algernon Pharmaceuticals announces first site for U.S. clinical trial for Ifenprodil
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Begins Screening Patients for Phase 2 Chronic Cough and IPF Study

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