Algernon was the Headline Sponsor for the Wonderland conference recently held in Miami November 3rd - 5th, where the Company successfully profiled its DMT Research for Stroke to the world’s largest ever gathering in the psychedelic medicine sector. Algernon was proud to support Wonderland and showcase its groundbreaking work to the leading founders, investors, therapists, practitioners, researchers, thought leaders, innovators, and media in the space from around the globe.

Click here to review recent positive data findings from Algernon's Phase 2a Study of Ifenprodil for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Chronic Cough

Algernon Pharmaceuticals DMT Stroke Clinical Program

Join Christopher J. Moreau, CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals discuss repurposing DMT from its psychedelic effects to a new potential treatment for Stroke.
** Video Runtime: 1:54

Algernon's Clinical Research Programs

After over 40 years of dormancy, a new psychedelic revolution has emerged. At the nexus of this next-generation mystical revival, lies a molecule naturally produced abundantly throughout the plant and animal kingdoms, including humans. Regarded as the world’s most potent psychoactive compound by scientists and psychedelic explorers alike, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) seems to be shifting the consciousness paradigm.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted the first government-sanctioned, human psychedelic research with DMT. Strassman’s research serves as the narrative backbone for The Spirit Molecule.

While other research is exploring DMT for its hallucinogenic qualities and effects, Algernon will be working to unlock DMT’s non-psychedelic potential to help promote healing and recovery in the brain from a stroke, one of the most devastating injuries a human being can experience.

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Who we are
Algernon Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage drug re-purposing company that investigates safe, already approved drugs for new disease applications, moving them efficiently and safely into new human trials, developing new formulations and seeking new regulatory approvals in global markets. Algernon specifically investigates compounds that have never been approved in the U.S. or Europe to avoid off label prescription writing.
Our Process
Drug repurposing is the process of discovering new therapeutic uses for existing drugs. Repurposing offers several benefits over traditional drug development including a significant reduction in investment and risk, shorter research periods and potentially longer active patent life. Algernon protects its intellectual property by filing method of use patents, new formulation and dosing patents, and also by utilizing propriety drug delivery technology.
The Algernon business model is to take safe already approved drugs, including naturally occurring compounds, screen them in globally accepted animal models for new diseases, file new intellectual property rights and then efficiently move them into clinical trials.
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